Lennox and Addition Dark Sky Viewing Area

While I do have my own observatory and I enjoy using it immensely, the L&A DSVA is a great place to go to see the faintest fuzzys in the night sky while listening to the nearby Whippoorwill colony during the summer months. Its also a great place that is open to the public so often there are other astronomers around for those who don’t like observing alone.

It is located about 30 minutes north of Napanee along highway 41. It has a port-a-potty and parking lot just south of the concrete pad where people set-up. Its only a 10 second drive off the highway (quite literally) and its best to arrive before dark because its a dark site.


There are several events at the site (from guided tours of the night sky to astrophotography evenings when you can go and get help from other astronomers with your gear). I strongly suggest you follow them on Twitter for updates @darkskyviewing

For night time viewing you can see a lot more detail in the sky, the milky way is clearly voidable once your eyes adjust to the darkness.

For astrophotography it is a great place for under 5 minute subs. You can go longer but there is a risk of a car driving by washing out the photo, really the only downside to this location.

If you do decide to visit there is a mailbox along the walkway from the road to the viewing area where you can sign the guestbook, this is important as it shows the county how many people are visiting which helps keep funding up for the site.

And you if write in there that you found out about it from me… well that wouldn’t hurt either.

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