Auriga Constellation Smorgasbord

Oh Boy! The Auriga Constellation is just full of interesting fuzzys in the night sky. This image below just explodes with Deep Sky Objects. The largest being the Flaming Star Nebula (Right Side) with smaller The Tadpoles found Lower Center of the image. There are also two star clusters, the Starfish and the Pinswheel. in the middle-left of the image is the Spider Nebula and to its left the even smaller fly nebula.

Flaming Star Nebula

The Flaming Star Nebula is an Emission Nebula made of mostly Ha which my camera is not as sensitive too. The Tadpoles is a cluster and nebulosity with more green and blue. So in this photo while they look similar in intensity and colour the Flaming Star Nebula with a dedicated Astro Camera (or Ha modified DSLR) would produce significantly more red.


William Optics RedCat51
Nikon Z6 – ISO 800
Exposures: 36 x 300 sec
Temperature: 9°C

Pinwheel Cluster
Spider and the Fly Nebulae

The Spider Nebula is quite large and to the right on the above photo, the fly nebula is quite small in comparison and is located just left of center at the bottom of the photo.

Starfish Cluster

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