Lets Clean the Ocean with #TeamSeas!

MrBeast and Mark Rober have joined up with hundreds (if not thousands) of online creators to raise money to remove trash from the ocean. I think this is an excellent idea and I’ve made the follow two videos in support of this effort!

I went out in the pouring rain and cleaned up my shoreline of plastic and other trash I found!

Now obvisouly its going to take more than a bunch of creators picking up garbage at our nearest waterway to solve the problem, thats why we are raising money that will go to two non-profit organizations: The Ocean Clean Up & Ocean Conservatory which will corrodinate clean-up projects around the globe to remove waste from our water!

A #shorts video about #teamseas and how you can help!

Now if you want to help out please visit https://teamseas.org and donate towards the $30 million goal to remove 30,000,000 lbs of trash from our ocean and adjacent waterways!

One thought on “Lets Clean the Ocean with #TeamSeas!

  1. Tic tic tic, ENOUGH! Doesn’t Anyone realize that Human Pollution IS climate change! Governmental carelessness, stupidity and personal gain are the rules the day. Our EPA is NOT DOING THEIR JOB! The Harbormaster is totally incompetent and must be removed immediately!
    There’s absolutely nothing being done about the latest destruction of the Los Angels/ Long Beach Harbor. It’s as if someone dynamited a refinery! Look around at our human habitation. These fools couldn’t do worse if they were a full blown terrorist! Tic tic tic, tock

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