StarNet++ Free Star Removal Tool for Astrophotography

I came across some interesting software called “StarNet++” which allows you to remove stars from your astronomy photos with retaliative ease. Nikita Misiura’s Orginal Update on StarNet++ Software Download off The How-To Guide on Cloudy Nights AstroBackyard’s Guide on StarNet++ So of Course I had to test it on the toughest star-filled […]

IRAS & GGSE Potential Collision

The astronomy community is all in a tizzy over the possibility of two derelict satellites in high orbit might collide. The odds are 1 in 20 according to LeoLab that an impact will occur. As it was clear I grabbed my camera and set-up camp to capture the potential disastrous (for orbiting satellites) collision. Hear […]

Lunar Sharpness Test #2

So with the Moon being the only thing I can image these days (these shot was during the late afternoon) as it seems to be cloudy every night… I decided to try a second sharpness lunar test. So, here is the scenario. Both Images were taken at the same time (give or take 5 minutes […]

Moon Sharpness Test #1

So I own a few telephoto lenses and I decided to do a quick test (its been cloudy and finally a clear night and the Full moon is all I have to image). I devised this quick test as I wanted to see which lens could produce the most detailed photo (a combination of sharpness, […]

Rosette Nebula – First Light

Despite several nights of “clear skies” the North Shore Observatory has been inundated with very bad seeing, maybe low level clouds or everyone is having fires in their chimneys. Eitherway here is a quick image of the Rosette Nebula which is shaping up to be my next main target. I did manage to get some […]

Orion Constellation DSOs and Starlink Satellites

Orion is finally rising up to a point where I can start to image, however not an ideal position (as I’m shooting around a radio tower placement) and when I was looking at the images in Pixinsight Blink (helps me determine if a photo got haze or to much motion) I saw several streaks across […]