Astro Cinemagraphs Giveaway!

So I recently hit 1000 subscribers on my companion YouTube Channel and I wanted to give something back to the community for supporting me. So I cam up with some cinemagraphs people can use as fancy backgrounds in their various zoom and live streams to switch it up a bit.

To get these 6 amazing cinemagraphs FOR FREE here!

I used a software tool called Photo Mirage from Corel, its one of the few pieces of software that allows you to create Cinemagraphs from Photos. I also did a Short tutorial here:

Here are the Cinemagraphs, feel free to download them:

Lagoon Nebula
Iris Nebula
Flame and Dark Horse Nebula
Comet Neowise 2020
Comet Neowise Vertical
Andromeda Galaxy

Disclaimer: I assume no legal liability for the cinemagraphs or how you use them, in addition they are not be resold or repackaged for sale.

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