Veil Nebula

The Veil Nebula has been my first real serious target of the year. Imaged using the William Optics RedCat51 (a small 250mm telescope). I managed over a two day period (June 7 & 9th 2019).

William Optics RedCat51

The completed image is a combination of 77 sub frames of 120secs each at ISO800 along with suitable dark frames. This gives a total integration time of just over 2.5 hours. I still haven’t figured out how to take flats effectively at this point, but from the results you can see that they are not really needed, nor have I learned how to dither.

Here are some close-ups of each section of the veil which shows some additional detail.

The Western Veil
The Eastern Veil
Pickering’s Triangle

I really Enjoyed Imaging the Veil this spring, now that summer is afoot I may give into capturing an hour or so of Ha (Hydrogen Alpha) and see if I can use it as the luminescence channel to reduce the star intensities without loosing any details or background as this area of sky is particular dense with stars and nebulousity.

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