Lets Clean the Ocean with #TeamSeas!

Cleaning the ocean with MrBeast and #teamseas

SV105 Budget Planetary and Lunar Imaging Camera

SvBony SV105 Planetary and Lunar Imaging Camera

Starlink and the Crescent Nebula

So I’m starting to image in earnest with my Celestron EdgeHD 8 which up to this point has mainly had visual observation duty. Still working out some kinks in the guiding set-up with the OAG (before it was worse with a guide scope). First up was a quick shot of the Crescent Moon that was […]

Happy Canada Day!

Puppies have their Maple Leaf bandanas on for celebration, got a nice photo by significant persuasion of the promise of treats. It’s a sunny hot day here in Napanee Ontario as we celebrate Canada day by running around and trying to fix lawnmower engines… I’m starting to think I need to take a course in […]

Dreaded Under Construction!

So the Website is current under constrution as I’m work on implementing a new theme, for now I’ll start rebuilding the posts from memory and for some of my older legacy images I’ve included them on this page –> https://emberskymedia.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=23 It should up and running soon(ish) but for now the site is functional and I’ll […]