Lunar Sharpness Test #2

So with the Moon being the only thing I can image these days (these shot was during the late afternoon) as it seems to be cloudy every night… I decided to try a second sharpness lunar test.

So, here is the scenario. Both Images were taken at the same time (give or take 5 minutes to swap on the tripod) and one was using a Nikon A1000 (~$650 P&S with a 850mm lens) and the other was taken with a Nikon Z6 with 300mm + 1.7x adapter (~$5000 at 510mm)

** Both Cameras were set to Auto, JPEG output with the only Correction was for size and adjusting WB so they Matched **

Nikon A1000 – Small but Mighty


  • Which one is which?
  • Which Do you like More (for sharpness) ?
  • Do you want to see more Zany Tests like this?

Once we get clear skies I will be testing the A1000 against the Z6 to see how much I can pull out of the A1000 and will post the results soon!

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