Snow Supermoon

So I went a little crazy this supermoon (largest full moon of the year) and tried a couple processing techniques. Suffice it to say I may of gone a bit overboard with the processing to try to eek out every additional bit of sharpness I could.

Trying to capture a good photo of the moon using Polemaster Camera

May the results speak for themselves…

It was a “learning night” which did not go well for video imaging…

I also did a single photo using a Nikon A1000 Point and Shoot Camera. I should of done more to see what I could pull out of the A1000 but its -21C outside and I doubt anyone with an A1000 is going to spend hours playing with the footage to try to improve the results (I’m sure one could though).

Snow Super Moon – Nikon A1000 – Single Image

Now I also took a series of photos using the Nikon Z6 attached at prime focus on the EgdeHD 8″ and got the following results depending on how much effort in Post-Processing I was willing to spend.

Single Image with some Processing (curves) – Nikon Z6
Snow Super Moon – Nikon Z6
Older Stacking and Processing Techniques

Pulling out all the Stops and tring to get a more “natural look” the last image was processed via the following:
1. Registax of 184 Images
2. Pixinsight for curves and initial stretch
3. Photoshop for Raw Filter adjustments and export to JPEG

Snow Super Moon – Nikon Z6
Newer Stacking and Processing Techniques

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