Bubble Nebula

So this is my first attempt at the Bubble Nebula ( NGC 7635 ) which required the use of my Celestron EdgeHD8″ scope. I utilized a Nikon Z6 and a OAG in order to image and guide through the SCT without worry of mirror flop and other such issues.

Celestron EdgeHD8” with Piggyback William Optics RedCat51 and Celestron OAG and Orion Autostar Guide Camera

Overall I’m happy with this first attempt, although I think ISO8000 at F10 was far to aggressive (it works a lot better at f4 and faster scopes) so my next attempts will be back at ISO800 where I know the camera performs magnificently in the warmer weather.

This represents 46.5 minutes of integration at iso 8000

Also in other fun news, cleaning out the garage today I found my old single fork Celestron NextStar SE mount… so I guess that makes outreach far easier to pack for in the future.

The long lost Celestron NexStar SE Single Fork!

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