Kolari IR Chrome Filter

Back in the day there was this special “Aerochrome” infrared film that gave a cool look of blue skies and red trees. However over time everything went digital and that film is no longer made. Of course people tried to replicate the look in post, but it really wasn’t the same. But now… look out everyone who has a Full Spectrum Camera, that look can be yours today with the Kolari IR Chrome Filter!

First Impressions Review Video of the Kolari IR Chrome Filter

Get Your Kolari IR Chrome Filter Today with this Affiliate Link: https://kolarivision.com/product/kolari-vision-ir-chrome-lens-filter/?ref=72&campaign=IRCHROME

Also you may want to consider Topaz Sharpen AI as helps bring IR Chrome images into a more uniform focus by sharpening the Red (IR) and Blue(Visible/UV) into focus as many lenses can’t quite get both in focus at the same time (Affiliate Link): https://topazlabs.com/shop/ref/476/?campaign=YT

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