Lennox and Addition Dark Sky Viewing Area

While I do have my own observatory and I enjoy using it immensely, the L&A DSVA is a great place to go to see the faintest fuzzys in the night sky while listening to the nearby Whippoorwill colony during the summer months. Its also a great place that is open to the public so often […]

Andromeda 2.0

Quick post where I mixed several nights worth of imaging of our nearest galaxy, Andromeda. Imaging Equipment:– Nikon Z6– William Optics RedCat51– Losmandy GM8 (Modified)– Orion StarShoot Guide Camera This is a combination of 26 subs of 20sec at ISO8000 and 48 subs of 300secs at ISO800 (giving a combined integration time of 4.14 hours. […]

Nikon Z6 ISO Astro Test

So I did a quick test last night while trying to collect more data on Andromeda Galaxy. I continued most of the night with my standard 5 minutes (300seconds) at ISO800 for most of the imaging session then jumped up 20sec subs at ISO8000. The purpose of this was to see how much extra noise […]

Jupiter Attempts

While Jupiter is at opposition this year (closest distance to earth) it is also around the Summer Equinox which means that its low on the horizon for northern hemispheres. I decided to try to get an image of Jupiter before it was gone for the season (behind a tall tree for me). Location – North […]

Happy Canada Day!

Puppies have their Maple Leaf bandanas on for celebration, got a nice photo by significant persuasion of the promise of treats. It’s a sunny hot day here in Napanee Ontario as we celebrate Canada day by running around and trying to fix lawnmower engines… I’m starting to think I need to take a course in […]

North American Nebula

The North American Nebula is located in the Cygnus Constellation and is also known as NGC 7000. Its a pretty easy target to find as Deneb is located on one edge of the nebula. It was more a “test” night as it was first light for the SVBony Ha 7nm filter (although I have yet […]

Dreaded Under Construction!

So the Website is current under constrution as I’m work on implementing a new theme, for now I’ll start rebuilding the posts from memory and for some of my older legacy images I’ve included them on this page –> https://emberskymedia.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=23 It should up and running soon(ish) but for now the site is functional and I’ll […]